Ready to heal your toxic relationship with money? Here-in lies the energetic money secrets that have led to manifesting my dream husband, dream family, dream car, dream house, dream biz and lifestyle of my wildest imagination! Here’s to that extra cheeky glass of wine you used to decline to ‘save’ money :) xo

Did you know that you've been unconsciously BUILDING MONEY BLOCKS since the day you were born? That is why most people struggle with making money, keeping money, spending money, saving money, investing money and CREATING MONEY for next-level abundance!

Consider this your money shower - as you clean your energetic state for a rich & freedom-fuelled life!


"MONEY is bad, evil and people who want it are greedy!'

"MONEY can only be made through a *secure* job - anything outside of that is scary!"

"MONEY can only be made with a College or University Degree, or else you are doomed for failure!"

"MONEY-talk makes me sick!"

"I barely have enough, make enough or save enough!"

"I seem to always just *GET BY* living paycheque-to-paycheque."

"I despise people who *show-off* their MONEY and all the nice things!"

"I feel guilty and shame for having money, wanting money and spending money."

"I'm scared of running out of money so I hold on tight to it."

HEAR ME OUT, ANGEL - I have BEEN there! These were my toxic money stories!


Before I healed my relationship with money...

  • I lived in a world of poverty
  • Buying into all the scarcity and fear of my parents
  • Jealous AF of everyone who had more than I did
  • Feeling unworthy of the kind of life I wanted for myself
  • Broke AF, struggling to get by
  • Surrounded by people with no ambition
After I healed my relationship with money...
  • Bought my parents a house at 19, after learning about the Law of Attraction (what I teach you in this program)
  • Officially became self-employed and started my entrepreneurial journey
  • Invested in my very own home and personal real estate property in the most expensive city in Canada by 20
  • Became a serial investor by 21
  • Grew my direct marketing company to a quarter million by 24
  • Manifested my dream husband
  • Manifested my dream babies - 3 girls who I adore!
  • Grew my coaching empire to 6-figures working 3 days/ week as an introvert
  • Hit the luxury car bonus in 6 months in network marketing
  • Manifested my first million by 36

I don't share this to impress you - BUT TO SHOW YOU WHAT IS POSSIBLE - when you immerse yourself in a complete money intervention!


 Each day, for 21-days, you’ll receive a pre-recorded module infused with a specific journaling practice that will transform the way you think, feel and believe about money.

 Depending on the day, you’ll also gain direct access to a Wealthy Warrior, who shares her badass tips about attracting MORE WEALTH into your business + Life.

These Wealthy Warriors are women who have undergone their own personal WEALTH INTERVENTIONS and are now KILLING IT in the online world.

 These videos and trainings are packed with HIGH VIBES! Just watching or listening to them is going to activate your money manifesting powers!

 This is AMAZING value for what you invest! 21DIW is worth over $777 (with the notes and journal prompts and the new thoughts that are going to transform your money mindset!)

You can do the modules at your own pace — You can do a module a week or a module a day! It’s totally up to you.

 At the point that I created this training, I was already manifesting multiple 5 figure months, so I teach about money only after already having created amazing results with money.

✓ The best part? You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire course portal, so that you can choose to do the course again + again (any time you need a refresher) and in case something comes up and you need to complete the intervention at your own pace.


When does the course start and finish?

You get immediate access upon purchase!

How much money do I need to invest after I become a member?

Due to the nature of the digital program, we do not offer refunds at this time.

How long do I have access to this course?

My intention is for you to complete the 21-Day Intervention to Wealth with the tools, the energy and the high-vibe mentality that attracts all the wealth that you desire.


… wasn’t actually evil?

… wasn’t actually scarce?

… wasn’t actually hard AF to make?

… wasn’t actually bad?

… wasn’t actually limited?

In 21-days, what if YOU KNEW EXACTLY use your energy - thoughts & feelings - to attract an overflow of abundance?

Imagine feeling SO TURNED ON about designing and creating your most prosperous, luxurious and fulfilling life?


Here's the exciting truth. If you can learn to shift your point of attraction, you will live a life filled with WILD, EXPANSIVE & RICH MANIFESTATIONS.

Love you, G